The Easley Family–Roseville, CA–August 2011

First off what a fun family this was to photograph, you can feel the love that they have for each other, even though some of them were trying to fight it!  We decided to get together on a Monday evening before school got back in session.  The weather was perfect that evening.  Leslie, the oldest daughter is off to Spain for a semester abroad, so the family decided to get some pictures before she left the country.  Good luck Leslie!!  Up next will be Megan for her high school senior portraits in October.

August’s 1st birthday- Roseville, CA–July 2011

Well we were a little late on getting exact 1 year old  pictures, but only by two months.  Mom contacted me and wanted to get some pictures done of their little princess and I gladly said yes.  She was such a joy and had a fun time exploring the field, tree stumps and bridge.  She is such a beautiful little girl and she loved her balloons!!








L.B. Hats & More photo shoot- Antelope, CA – July 2011

My good friend Sally has began a new venture and is making some awesome hats and other items.  She asked me if I would be willing to pick out some hats and do a little shoot with some children.  I asked my friend Brooke to bring to bring her three children Ethan, Evan and Avery and I decided to take my almost 3 year old Allison too.  I was a little unsure on how this was going to go since every time I pick up my camera Allison tells me ” no pictures Mommy”.  We went down the street to a field with great lighting, lots of dirt and I shot away.  I think I got some pretty good pictures even with all the drama that went down.  I even got my little girl to smile at me!!!  So if you ever want to get some great hats or other items, check out Sally’s website:

Evan–June 2011 Antelope, CA

Ok, so here is the post of Saraya’s cousin Evan.  When his Mom contacted me to do her niece’s pictures, she also wanted to have some pictures of Evan done.  I have taken pictures of her daughter McKenna a couple of times but none of Evan.  So here is a few from his shoot.  What a handsome young man he is.  For a boy that is 4 years old, I have to say he did very well.

Saraya–June 2011 Antelope, CA

So this blog is a little late since I did these pictures back in June, but wanted to put them up so everyone can see what a beautiful girl she is.  Her aunt contacted me to see if I would take some pictures of her for a surprise present for her Mom’s birthday.  What a GREAT present this had to of been.  I had so fun with this sweet little girl, she definitely knew had to work the camera.   After she was done we moved on to her cousin for a little photo shoot which is next……

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